Didn't MySpace die out long ago - like the dinosaurs - through means of natural selection and general lack of interest? That's what we thought, but just like Jurassic Park the past is being resurrected from the dead so it may roam the Earth once more and maybe, just maybe, survive longer than it did the first time round. However, the MySpace commercial seems to indicate that maybe, after's it's long hiatus, the website could be back for good as a host of of the biggest underground talents get together and celebrate the return of the site that brought us The Arctic Monkeys, Lily Allen, Sean Kingston and more in the past.

The $20 million ad-campaign from the newly-launched site features Pharrell Williams, Mac Miller, ScHoolBoy Q, Riff Raff, DIIV, Ciara, Trash Talk, Sky Ferreira and more as the site hopes to re-capture the success of the early 2000's. After such a momentous fall, how are Tom and co. going to make sure they don't suffer the same fate again? Well, gone is the emphasis on social-interaction and instead the main focus is on the musical side of things, with the site looking to work with FaceBook and Twitter rather than against it so that fans can keep up to date with their favourite musicians with little emphasis on introducing friends to the site or having to interact with other people on a large scale. So in other words, it's a lot like SoundCloud or Bandcamp, only with a shiny new advert and Justin Timberlake sitting on the board of directors for the company. It might still work, but frankly we're not going to hold our breaths and see if it becomes a success again.

"From a fan's standpoint we want to empower them and we want to provide access to all of the artists they want to be able to reach in a really powerful and compelling way," Christian Parkes, MySpace's VP of Global Marketing, noted upon the release of the new ad-campaign. "And there isn't really a platform out that brings all of the different components together in a single place."

After only a week of running the ad, the MySpace team are said to be ecstatic with the results so far and are only predicting bigger and better things as the years progress. Parkes went on to say, "The people are signing up, which is exactly what we wanted and then everything from a sentiment standpoint has been really, really positive and so immediate."

The success of MySpace's second coming is something of a grey area at the moment; it's re-emergence may have come too soon and it is still the butt of many jokes, but at the same time it is showing promising signs of taking off and the marketing team have at least gotten people talking about the website's return, so who knows. Could you see yourself giving up FaceBook or Twitter in favour of MySpace? Or has MySpace's day been and gone and won't be coming back? Tell us what you think.

Pharrell Williams Chateau Gardens
Pharrell appears in the new ad

Justin Timberlake Cannes
JT is a part-owner of the company