There will not be a single Oscar handed out in February 2014, and that’s because the ceremony will be held in March. See, the Academy bods are so worried about attention being deflected from the biggest night in Hollywood, that they’ve pandered to the biggest week in… winter sports.

The Winter Olympics will be taking place in Sochi, Russia from February 7-23, and it has become customary for the Academy to step aside while the games are on. It’s only an issue they have to deal with every four years. This way, both events get the ratings, and people don’t have to make that oh-so-difficult decision: bobsleighs or award speeches. We’re shuddering at the thought of such a dilemma. Still, if the calibre of host doesn’t improve from last year's pretty woeful Seth Macfarlane, then watching skinny athletes fall over on the show might just be a more electable option. Credit where credit’s due for the Family Guy creator, 40m people tuned in to watch it, so he did his job. So the date’s cleared up.

Seth MacfarlaneJustin TimberlakeOpposite directions - Macfarlane and Timberlake

Now we just need a young, good-looking host to sew everything together. A well rounded – and Academy misogyny would suggest – male. They need to be stylish, universally-liked, and confident on stage. Hmm. Who could fill that role? Perhaps a recently returned Justin Timberlake perhaps? Well we can’t take the credit for that idea; it’s certainly been suggested, as his Saturday Night Live performance drew in the rumours of his involvement in 2014. He can basically do everything so he’d be our guess/vote.