Kaia Gerber appreciates Cindy Crawford allowing her to make "fashion mistakes".

The 19-year-old model - who is the daughter of the supermodel and Rande Gerber - is happy her mum allowed her to experiment with her wardrobe as it helped her to find her own style.

In a clip for Vogue's '7 Days, 7 Looks' series, she said: "The best style advice my mom has given me is less is more. She also let me make fashion mistakes, which I appreciate a lot. I think the biggest mistake that I made was trying to dress up a lot. When I was off duty, when I first started modelling, I was wearing heels all the time and full looks that lasted one season."

Now, Kaia notices that she often picks similar ensembles to those that Cindy styled in the 90s, and when the teen see's a picture of her parent, she often mistakes her for herself.

She said: "My mom always referenced very classic looks. So, I get that from her. She always gave me very staple pieces to have, to travel with that you can interchange ... Sometimes I will see a picture of my mom and I think it's me. This happened the other day. I posted a picture in this Marc Jacobs plaid dress, and she texted me and she's like, 'Kaia, I swear to God, I had that dress in the 90s', and she sent me a picture, and it was the exact same dress."

What's more, Kaia has praised her older brother, Presley, 21, who is also a model, for influencing her choice of more "masculine" silhouettes.

She added: "I've always been more drawn towards what would be considered more masculine shapes, and I think that's why I like blazers. And I didn't have an older sister. I had an older brother, so I wanted Heelys and I wanted sweatshirts. My idea of fashion was skater surfer culture."