Kaia Gerber still wears Marc Jacob perfume everyday in lockdown to help stay ''sane''.

The 18-year-old model - who is the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber - became the face of the Daisy fragrance range in 2017, and insists she sprays the scent each morning, despite isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic, to help maintain a ''normal routine''.

Speaking to Allure magazine, she said: ''I've been wearing [the fragrance] since I was 12 or 13. I put it on - even though I'm not leaving the house - because it keeps me sane and makes me feel like I haven't [strayed] too far away from my normal routine.

''[Daisy] was my first fragrance. It's fresh and feminine-smelling and just brings me back to the best times of my life.''

Kaia still remembers her first shoot with the fragrance brand and how the crew made her feel ''like part of the family'' making it one of the best jobs she has ever had.

She explained: ''[I look back to when] I first worked with Marc Jacobs. I just remember everyone being so lovely and nice; I immediately felt like part of a family. Marc, Katie, and Alasdair - they're all so incredible people and so creative. It's one of the best experiences I've ever had working with anyone.''

Meanwhile, her latest campaign for Marc Jacobs Daisy has taken on a new meaning amid the pandemic.

In a campaign video for the brand, Kaia is seen laughing and joking in a field alongside other models.

She added: ''Re-watching it now and seeing the field and open air makes you think about the things you take for granted.

''We're holding hands and running through a field - right now that seems so crazy and completely out of the question. It's just made me feel grateful and really reminded me of that time.''