The question is: are the stars of The Big Bang Theory really worth $1million per episode? Putting aside the notion that anyone deserves $24million for one work project that takes up to three months to complete, has the cast of The Big Bang Theory delivered enough for this new million dollar status they are potentially demanding?

Big Bang TheoryAre Jim Parsons and co really worth $1 million?

Earlier this year, the show renewed for an epic three more seasons which gave a small indication of just how popular it is and how much its producers believe in its longevity.

Every year its audience has grown and it has become the highest-rated show on American television.

Across the pond in the UK, the new season formed part of E4’s Quite Big Thursdays and the channel regularly show re-runs and re-runs of past seasons.

It is, therefore, without doubt a huge money-making venture and surely nothing without the main cast who have taken viewers on a ride packed with laughs, emotional rollercoasters and genuine feelings towards the geeky, slightly alternative characters.

It would seem that the actors hold all the cards.

But still, $1million per episode is a phenomenal amount of money.

Even if their popularity level deserves it, do they really need it?

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