Kanye West's school lacked windows because the rapper "did not like glass", a new lawsuit has claimed.

The 'Stronger' hitmaker is being sued by Isaiah Meadows, a former Donda Academy employee who has claimed he was fired in response to his raising various safety concerns about the establishment, with the man also taking action against Yeezy Christian Academy, Donda Academy, three of the school's directors, and more.

Court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com detailed the alleged safety issues and made reference to Kanye's preference to not have windows in the buildings.

They read: “In the middle of the main classroom, a skylight was left without glass inevitably allowing rain to fall directly inside, where water would soak into the floor, which would lead to a moldy smell for the next few days.

"The skylight was intentionally without glass because WEST expressed that he did not like glass.”

The former employee also alleged the school often had a "terrible smell" due to an overflowing septic tank, and "serious wiring issues" which he claimed caused an electrical fire “near the student eating area where wire was laid atop the ground, exposed.".

The school's former assistant principal was hired in November 2020 and agreed to move his family to be closer to the premises, as requested by Kanye, who he claimed agreed to pay his rent as part of his employee benefits.

However, things allegedly changed when he was "suspended after calling for meetings and raising concerns regarding the operations of the school."

Isaiah claimed he was reinstated two weeks later but given a lower salary and with the controversial rapper no longer paying his rent, allegedly breaching their contract and leaving him in financial trouble.

The teacher submitted several complains about health and safety violations, as well as inconsistent pay, until he was abruptly fired with no explanation in August 2022.

The lawsuit stated: “Defendants intentionally terminated Plaintiff with the intent of punishing him for engaging in a protected activity, and in doing so, Defendants acted maliciously, fraudulently and oppressively, with the wrongful intention of injuring Plaintiff."

Isaiah's lawyer has vowed to hold Kanye and the school's directors "accountable", as his is just the latest in a series of lawsuits made against the school.

Ron Zambrano said: “The unlawful and retaliatory behaviour by Mr. West and the school directors have now been documented multiple times by other former employees who never even worked together but all experienced the same horrendous treatment and witnessed the same serious health, safety and education code violations, while all were subjected to the same fate - wrongful termination - and we plan to hold them accountable."