Kanye West was a ''nuisance'' on the 'Anchorman 2' set.

The 'New Slaves' rapper allegedly caused a scene while shooting his cameo appearance in the cult comedy sequel, playing his own songs at full volume and leaving a teenage intern quaking in his boots when he was tasked with asking Kanye to turn the sound down.

Speaking on an episode of chat show, 'The Jonathan Ross Show', which will air tonight (13.12.13) on ITV, 'Anchorman 2' star Will Ferrell said: ''It was very surreal to have Kanye - who's such a big fan of comedy - in our movie hanging out for two days. He was playing the new tracks a lot - over and over.

''Even when you're trying to film, he's playing the tracks. They're loud too. We got a scared 18-year-old intern to ask him to turn them down.''

The cast - who also include Paul Rudd, Steve Carrell and James Marsden - and crew were apparently shocked by the hip-hop star's erratic behaviour and were too scared to ask him to keep quiet.

An on-set source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Kanye made a total nuisance of himself. He gave it the big 'I am' even though he filmed a blink-and-you'll miss it cameo. When an intern asked him to turn the music down, he barked back quite aggressively.''

It appears the 36-year-old rapper fully enjoyed his time on set, however, since he declined to leave even after his scene was wrapped.

Will joked: ''He hung out, even after we said, 'You're done.' He was like, 'No, no' and stayed in the background hanging out and fighting with people.''