When Kanye West was presented with the prestigious Visionary Award at this year's BET Honours, which aired Monday night (Feb 23rd) but was filmed last month, he took aim at racism while delivering a powerful and passionate acceptance speech.

Kanye West
Kanye West accepting the Visionary Award at this year's BET Honours

The outspoken rapper first spoke to the audience at the eight annual event about being married to a woman "not of colour," Kim Kardashian West, and recalled a rather poignant story about his wife's late father Robert Kardashian predicting she would have a black child.

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"She told me [about] where her father, Robert Kardashian, walked out and on the side of his Bentley, they wrote, 'Nigger Lover,' because Robert Kardashian was the genius that put together the defence team that got O.J. off," he said. "She had never saw her father curse, get mad. He was the most laidback human being and he went so crazy and tried to chase the people down. And she stood there crying and said, 'Dad, why are you going so crazy?' And he said to her, 'One day, you may have a black child. A beautiful, beautiful, beautiful black child. And it's going to be hard. You're going to see how hard it is.'"

The late attorney was right as Kanye and Kim welcomed their first daughter together, North West, in June 2013.

West then addressed racism on a broader scale and even claimed that most of his infamous rants from last year weren't taken as seriously as he would have hoped.

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"The 'micro' of it is we focus on the different races as opposed to the 'macro,' which is the human race," he said. "The bit of sound bites that everyone loved from last year that got taken out of context or misunderstood did come from a place of saying, 'Yes, part of the reason why I'm not allowed to be empowered is because of race, because of people's perception of celebrity, because all they want to present to young, black men is the idea of making it to the league or making it to be a rapper, but not the idea of becoming an owner.' And they would do anything they can to make it seem like a truthful idea is a stupid idea or crazy idea."

Could this be of the 'Black Skinhead' rapper's best speeches of all-time?