Fans of Kanye West were left disappointed and angry when their hero cut short a concert in Los Angeles this week because he lost his voice.

The 39 year old rapper was performing recent single ‘Only One’ during the latest stop on his Saint Pablo tour, in Inglewood, California on Thursday night (November 3rd) when he cut off the song and told the disappointed crowd that the show was over, as seen in a fan video below.

Kanye WestKanye West cut short his set in Inglewood because he lost his voice

Standing on the iconic elevated platform on stage, he said: “Turn on the lights, show’s over. I’m so hoarse. I can't finish the show. I can’t let y’all have a show where I can’t perform for you. I’ll give everyone a refund,” he promised, having ended about 45 minutes into his set.

“I’ll do better next time,” he said as he walked away, but that didn’t do much to placate the angry attendees, who booed him extensively and then turned to social media to voice their disappointment.

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It was the last of six consecutive performance in as many days at the packed, prestigious L.A. venue, but many were demanding their money back and wondered why he couldn’t keep going until the end of the show, with apparently only 10 minutes to go in his setlist and his next scheduled performance not until November 17th in San Jose.

“Wow, #KanyeWest really just walked out on us typical Kanye behavior,” was just one typical comment from the disgruntled crowd on social media.

Thursday’s show was packed with celebs, with the likes of Harry Styles, DJ Khaled, Usher and Ariel Winter just some of the famous names spotted at the gig.

Both Kanye West’s representatives and Ticketmaster’s official website have yet to make any announcements regarding refunds.

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