Kanye West admits he's had a ''bad education'' in fashion.

The 'Yeezus' hitmaker, who showed his second capsule collection for A.P.C at a presentation at the French brand's Paris headquarters on Saturday (18.01.14), said it's been a learning curve after critics panned his first attempt in fashion in October 2011 but he's not giving up.

He said: ''I've done extremely big fashion shows before, which I will do again.''

He admitted his debut collection ''was kind of like me hopping in a Lamborghini and driving really fast''.

Kanye said A.P.C. founder and collaborator Jean Touitou is ''teaching me to drive''.

He added: ''I learned fashion on Style.com. If I ever looked mad, I was. I've been showing my ideas for 10 years on the front row of the runways. Hip-hop is an expression of clothing. Some people don't understand that.

''I'm really happy with this [collaboration] because I'm starting to be able to express myself.''

Kanye also spoke about his art school education, and how much he dislikes being pigeon-holed as a rapper, which often doesn't give him credibility as a fashion designer.

While in Paris yesterday, the 36-year-old star and his fiancee Kim Kardashian, 33, also stopped for lunch at L'Avenue, one of Beyonce and Jay Z's favourite places.

Kanye was also spotted at the Y-3 men's fall/winter fashion presentation.