It's been a while, but Kanye West's return to television was as informative and honest as we could have expected. Going on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' wasn't something his team thought was a great idea at first, and indeed he's already receiving backlash for failing to answer Jimmy's question about his Trump endorsement, but we learned a lot.

Kanye West at the MTV Video Music Awards 2016Kanye West at the MTV Video Music Awards 2016

Here are eight things Kanye revealed in his interview:

1. His cousin's in jail

So this is something we've never heard about before. Kanye claims that he has a cousin who's in prison for killing someone - but we have no idea who it is. He just casually slipped it in while talking about the importance of 'love'.

'My cousin is locked up for murder and I love him', he says. 'He did a bad thing but I still love him'.

2. He likes making people mad

The amount of infuriating remarks that he comes out with - from endorsing Donald Trump and Bill Cosby to trivialising slavery - it's become sort of obvious that he likes to say things to get a reaction out of people. But now he's not even denying that that's what he's all about.

'If I'm afraid to be me, I'm no longer Ye. And I actually quite enjoy when people are mad at me about certain things', he said.

3. He takes advice from Sarah Jessica Parker

Kanye actually has a lot in common with the 'Sex and the City' star. They both have kids born via surrogate, they both have their own shoe lines, and... OK, that's about it. Still, she appears to have been super supportive of Kanye amidst the backlash that his comments caused, and one turn of phrase really stuck in his mind. 

'We can have a dialogue about the President and not a diatribe', he told Jimmy. 'I got that from Sarah Jessica Parker. Shout out!'

4. His daughter's into fashion

She's only 5-years-old but already North West is thinking about following her father's footsteps into the fashion industry. In fact, she's already designing her own clothes and taking lessons in the craft! 

'My daughter went to a fashion camp for five days a couple of weeks ago and I visited her and together we put the thread through the sewing machine', Kanye explained. 'My daughter asked me, 'Daddy, do you have a sewing machine like this at your office?' and I brought her to my office and she did a bunch of sketches and my head pattern cutter made her dresses right there for her.'

5. He watches internet porn

There are certain things we didn't need to know about Kanye and one of them is what he does on the internet when he's not Tweeting. Asked if his attitude towards women has changed since having a daughter, he confesses that it hasn't and that he still watches internet porn. 

'I still look at PornHub', he confessed. 'Blacked is my favourite category.' That usually means a black male and a white female for those blissfully unaware of such language, which is appropriate considering his wife is white. The more disturbing realisation comes with the fact that a thumbnail of Kim Kardashian and Ray J has been the cover photo of the Celebrity category for years. Awkward. Wonder if he's noticed...

6. He sleeps during album recordings

We thought he'd been really busy these past few months in the run up to the release of his latest album 'Ye', not to mention his collaborations with five other artists, but it turns out he hasn't been doing much. 

'I actually slept a lot during the project', he admitted. 'I'd give like six, seven people ideas that I want on the songs and I just go to sleep.' Well, we can't fault him for his honesty.

7. He has been bipolar since he was a child

While Kanye's mental health has been in question a lot since his hospitalisation in 2016, it's only now that he's been honest about his struggle with bipolar disorder. But this isn't a recent thing; he has had difficulties ever since he was a child, though there was little help available for him back then.

'I think it's good that when I had my first complete black-out at age five, my mom didn't fully medicate me because I might've never have been Ye', he revealed.

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8. He never feels depressed

This is definitely going to sound confusing, but even though he is bipolar, Kanye denies that he ever has long periods of deep depression; which seems to contradict the very definition of being 'bipolar', i.e. extreme highs and extreme lows. And even though he says he's thought about killing himself, he insists the thoughts never linger.