Kanye West had ''nightmares'' about his Yeezy 2 collection.

The 'All Day' rapper has revealed working on his fashion range is really hard work and he had to put so many hours in to the collection that he actually slept in the studio.

Asked if it was a deliberate calmer vibe during the process, he said: ''Yeah, we just wanted to have a really Zen vibe in the studio and backstage. The team has worked together longer now, plus we have a few new recruits. But it was equally hard, it's always hard. It always takes so many hours. I slept at the studio and I would have dreams or nightmares about the look board.''

The 38-year-old star - who is married to Kim Kardashian West - also revealed he is already planning his third season.

Asked when he started working on the second range, he told Vanity Fair magazine: ''The day after the last collection. Like, right now I'm thinking about Season 3. It's a long, long run.'' He added: ''Unfortunately for me, I have a lot of visibility on my side which has tended to be a thing that creates a distraction to the creative process.''