Kanye West’s clothing company Yeezy is facing a legal battle after another business filed a lawsuit alleging that the rapper’s fashion line used their camouflage design without their permission.

According to reports by TMZ, Jordan Outdoor Enterprises filed a lawsuit at a federal court in Georgia against Kanye’s label Yeezy Apparel on Thursday (March 15th), arguing that the Yeezy camouflage print is an unauthorised copy of their own Realtree collection and an infringement of their copyright. Yeezy used it as part of their Season 5 collection of hoodies, cargo pants, bomber jackets and boots.

NBA star LeBron James is under the microscope as well, as his Miami-based fashion line Unknwn is also being named in the lawsuit for similar alleged copyright theft for selling the Yeezy items.

Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, was recently pictured back in January wearing a version of the Yeezy camo print.

Kanye WestKanye West's Yeezy line is the subject of a copyright infringement suit

The plaintiff states that a representative from Yeezy had gotten in touch with Jordan back in March 2016 with inquiries about their camouflage design. However, communication between the two companies ended abruptly when the subject of licensing was brought up by Jordan.

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Jordan is also accusing Kanye’s company of “falsifying, removing and altering copyright management information” of their pattern without permission.

The company is seeking damages for an unknown amount, and is asking that Yeezy Apparel stop all activity related to the production of the items in question, and turn over any remaining existing stock to be destroyed.

Camouflage has been a recurring pattern in Kanye’s fashion brands over the years, but it might not be a very prominent theme for much longer. Recent reports suggested that the rapper wasn’t satisfied with the overarching vision for the line’s upcoming season, so is only releasing the shoes from that collection.

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