Kanye West deleted all the posts from his Twitter account in October last year, leaving the page vacant until yesterday (April 2) when updated the page with one cryptic message. The message in question reads 'June Eighteen,' but no-one other than Yeezy is really sure what is happening June 18th.

The date could either be the day he is expected to become a first-time father with his trophy wife Kim Kardashian, or it could possibly be the date when the follow-up to 2010's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which certain commentators are saying is already done. With the album coming out soon then, maybe the date relates to when Kanye will be heading out on tour to support the album, titled Cruel Summer, or maybe it'll be something completely different.

Kanye has been also working on a new fashion line in Paris and maybe that will debut in mid-June. Basically, we don't really know what Kanye is thinking (does anyone) however we may find out when this season of Saturday Night Live finishes on May 18th, as Kanye is lined up to be the musical guest on the night.

The rapper is rumoured to be playing one of the songs he collaborated with Daft Punk on, titled 'I Am A God,' which apparently explore the idea found in Psalm 82 of the Bible that all people are manifestations of higher beings. A surprise appearance from Daft Punk, who aired the preview to their latest single, 'Get Lucky', during a SNL ad-break, could therefore be on the cards - not a bad way to finish off a season frankly.

Kanye and Kim
Kanye West, what do you have planned?