The latest cancellation in this fall’s bonfire of TV sitcoms has been announced. Network ABC has decided not to renew Tuesday night’s ‘Selfie’ beyond its initial run of thirteen episodes.

Karen Gillan
'Selfie', starring Karen Gillan (above), was axed by ABC on Friday

The John Cho and Karen Gillan comedy joins its fellow Tuesday night companion ‘Manhattan Love Story’ on the scrapheap, although ‘Selfie’ will at least be seen through its existing commission. ‘Manhattan Love Story’, by contrast, was pulled immediately mid-season. Ouch.

ABC had tried drastic measures to increase viewing figures for ‘Selfie’ like showing back-to-back episodes last week, but it would appear that it had the opposite effect, with its share of the market falling down even further. It has averaged just 4.7 million viewers, with a pitiful 1.5 rating among adults 18-49.

Hopes were high for ‘Selfie’ when it debuted back in September, with the casting of John Cho as a marketing executive charged with transforming Gillan’s character into a star raising hopes that Asian-Americans would get greater exposure on television. Next Tuesday’s episode will broadcast as normal, though the fate of the remaining episodes still hangs in the balance.

The announcement is a further illustration of how much of a struggle it’s been for networks to get new comedies up and running this time of year. In addition to the two ABC casualties, NBC’s ‘Bad Judge’ and ‘A To Z’ were both axed recently. Only one new comedy, ABC’s ‘Black-ish’, has been renewed for another season. NBC’s ‘Marry Me’ was given a stay of execution and handed a partial renewal of five episodes. Fox’s ‘Mulaney’ has had its scheduled run shortened down, as has CBS’s ‘The McCarthys’.

By contast, dramas are performing excellently. Eight new dramas across the networks have already been renewed, with no cancellations at all so far.

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