Kasabian thinks their ''future looks good'' In America.

The 'Days Are Forgotten' hitmakers have recently returned to the UK following a US tour and are pleased with the reception they received Stateside, though it was hard work.

Frontman Tom Meighan said: ''It was gruelling. I don't think we've ever actually as a band going out there, worked that hard. Gig, next town, gig, promo gig, promo gig, and it was good.

''I think the future looks good for us in America because we haven't been there for five years because we had a bit of politics with our record company.

''The shows were great and we were in Middle America, in nowhere place, so once you start getting people interested you're doing OK.''

Tom revealed his bandmate Sergio Pizzorno has written several tracks for the group's next album but they are so busy, they are unlikely to begin recording the follow-up to 2011's 'Velociraptor!' until next year.

Speaking to Absolute Radio's Christian O'Connell ahead of their secret show in London's Soho last night (30.04.12), Tom said: ''I think Sergio's got loads of stuff written already. I imagine he has because he never stops writing. So I can't imagine when we're going to record a record, not at the moment, probably next year some time.''

Kasabian's secret show - which was watched by guests including 'Trainspotting' actor Robert Carlyle and TV presenter Carol Vorderman - will be broadcast on Absolute Radio this Sunday (06.05.12) at 10pm. You can also watch the gig in full from this weekend on www.absoluteradio.co.uk.