Kasabian claim they are like The Beatles.

Frontman Tom Meighan believes he and his bandmates - Serge Pizzorno, Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews - are like the Fab Four because they have obsessive fans who have different "favourites".

He said: "I think I get the eccentric fans because we are like The Beatles. Everyone has a favourite. I'm the cocky, honest, Tasmanian Devil one."

As well as being a fan of The Beatles, Tom is a huge admirer of Oasis and insists Liam Gallagher should release a solo album because he can still make "amazing" music without his brother Noel Gallagher.

The 29-year-old singer - whose band joined Oasis on their last ever tour before they split in August - said in an interview with Q magazine: "I think Liam should go it alone. It's not Oasis without Noel, and I think they'd both agree with that. Did I see it coming? No I can't say I did. I was in Germany doing a terrible festival when someone texted me they'd split up and I was as shocked as anyone.

"I texted Liam and Noel just to say, 'I am really sorry and best of luck,' to both of them. It's sad but the new music will be just amazing."