Kasabian's new album sounds as if it's been ''electrocuted''.

The 'Shoot the Runner' rockers are currently recording the follow up to 2011's 'Velociraptor!' and frontman Tom Meighan says the songs are more ''heavy'' than their previous work.

He told MTV: ''It's like The Prodigy's dirty remix thing. It's cool and it's got really heavy drums - it sounds electrocuted.''

The band - who headlined Austria's Snowbombing Festival last Friday (05.04.13) - recently said they want their music to resemble Led Zeppelin's ''powerful'' sound, but with a modern twist.

Guitarist Serge Pizzorno said: ''Futuristic rock 'n' roll music has been the mantra from the start. I want it to be as powerful as Led Zeppelin, but I don't want it to sound like 1971.''

Kasabian - also including Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews - recently lost American guitarist Jay Mehler, who went to join Beady Eye on bass, and Tom added he will miss him.

He said: ''What happened with Jay is we weren't doing many gigs this year and he needs to be on the road.

''Jay is my brother and I got him into this band in 2006 and I looked after him and nurtured him to the ways of the UK, so I'm gonna miss him dearly and I love him.''