Dance music superstar Deadmau5 gave his fiance Kat Von D a very special early Christmas gift by presenting her with a stunning black diamond engagement ring.

The Dj proposed to the celebrity tattoo artist, who was previously engaged to Sandra Bullock's ex Jesse James, on 15 December (12) and he officially put a ring on it two days before Christmas.

Kat Von D showed off the custom-made engagement ring in a festive tweet to fans, adding, "Tonight, Joel put a ring on my finger... Doesn't get anymore official... The biggest thank you to The Great Frog London for handcrafting the most important ring I will ever wear."

Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, spent the holidays with his bride-to-be in his native Vancouver, Canada, where Von D showed off the ring to photographers on 27 December (12).

The romantic Dj couldn't wait to give his fiancee, real name Katherine von Drachenberg, her ring at Christmas and proposed via with a picture of the sparkler, which was still being crafted.