When Kate Bush announced her return to live performing after 35 years away it was inevitable that demand was going to be high, but not even Kate could have expected what was to come. So far an extra 7 dates have already had to be added to her London residency and that’s before tickets have even gone on general sale. It's no surprise really - Kate Bush is an artist who's left an indeliable mark on the conciousness of anyone who's heard her sing and we're really glad she's decided to come back.

Kate BushPromotional poster for Kate's upcoming shows

A child prodigy, Kate’s musical abilities were noticed young. She penned future hit ‘The Man With The Child In His Eyes’ when still at school, aged just 13. At sixteen Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd took notice and helped her record a demo that eventually led to her being offered a record deal. At the time she was still too young so the record company put her on a two year retainer. During this time she wrote and made demos of nearly 200 songs, before finally in 1978, she was unleashed on the world.

Thrity-six years after its release ‘Wuthering Heights’ still stands up as a uniquely enchanting single, and its accompanying video has an equally hypnotic effect. At the time, the music press loved using words like kooky or dizzy to describe Kate. Now days when a female artist is a little different they say she's like Kate Bush, à la Lorde. In 1978, there was no one to compare Kate to. It’s hard in world that has since had Madonna and then Lady Gaga to appreciate how groundbreaking Kate was. Unlike the aforementioned artists, it wasn't through controversy or costumes that Kate showed her female empowerment. Instead it was through her unique artistry and vision that she broke the mould for females. At a time when there were few solo female artists Kate was making her own music. Singing, playing piano and perhaps most importantly, writing her own songs. 'Wuthering Heights', was not only Kate’s first single it was also the first song written by a woman to reach number one in the UK charts.

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