Excitement is growing for Kate Bush’s return to live performing later this year, and new dates have just been added before tickets go on sale this Friday (March 28, 2014). In honour of her return we take a look back at 10 of her greatest singles.

Kate BushKate Bush will return to the stage in London, starting in August

1. Wuthering Heights

Kate’s first single, released in 1979, was based on Emily Bronte’s novel of the same name. Written by Kate when she was just 18, the single was the perfect showcase of Kate’s unique vocal talents as well as her song writing ability. It reached number one in the UK and still remains her biggest selling single to date. Also memorable was Kate’s epic interpretive dancing in the song’s video.

2. The Man with the Child in His Eyes

Her second single about young love was written when she was just 13. The was the story of a young girl's in the midst of her first experience of love. Subtle yet effective Kate’s haunting voice and accompanying piano make a beautiful pairing in this somewhat eerie ballad.

3. Babooska

A woman who believes her husband is cheating, decides to trick him by taking on the persona of Babooshka and sending him love letters. This is not the usual set up for a pop song but Kate isn’t your usual artist. The song is a vocal tour de force with Bush showing off her range and unleashing some epic wails. Also listen out for the excellent bass.

4. Sat on Your Lap

Kate’s 1982 album ‘The Dreaming’ may not have included any major chart hits, but its arguably some of her best work. Stretching her creativity through experimentation Kate created an album that sounds like nothing else. ‘Sat on Your Lap’ is a single that jumps around as much as Kate’s voice, with the record, demonstrating Kate’s wonderfully eccentric artistry perfectly.

5. Running Up that Hill

Another great example of Kate’s story telling skills is here on her first release from the 1985 album ‘Hounds of Love’. The idea of how a man and woman can only truly understand each other if they were able to switch places for a while is explored on this single. It would become Kate’s most successful U.S. single, peaking at number 30 on the Billboard charts.

6. Hounds of Love

One of Kate’s best known songs, ‘Hounds of Love’ opens with heavy rhythms and features some soaring vocals from Kate. Epically romantic, it was later resurrected in 2005 by the Futureheads and given an indie twist.

7. Don’t Give Up

This 1986 duet with Peter Gabriel showed how much musical magic could be accomplished when two famous singers came together. It would go on to be covered numerous times, with Gabriel even re-recording it with Paula Cole during his Second World Live tour. His version with Bush however still stands up as the best.

8. The Sensual World

Based on Molly Bloom’s awakening in Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’, Bush teams breathy vocals that underscore the track’s pipe lead instrumentals. It serves as a beautiful underscore to a world seen through the new eyes lead by Kate’s voice.

9. Rubberband Girl

After a three year absence Kate returned with 'Rubberband Girl' the lead single from her 1993 album The Red Shoes. You can practically feel the rubberband pinging back and forth when listening to this one. A song that literally moves all around taking you on a pleasurably bumpy musical ride.

10. Moments of Pleasure

A deeply touching song which was written at a time when Kate’s mother was very ill. Here Kate remembers all her lost family and friends as an orchestra accompanies Kate’s solo piano as she takes a beautiful yet heartbreaking trip though life and death. The accompanying video is also stunning.

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