Kate Bush's parents wanted her to ''become a psychiatrist''.

The 'Wuthering Heights' singer's brother John Carder Bush claimed their parents were slightly disappointed when Kate became interested in ''mime and dance'' as they hoped that their daughter would go to university.

He said: ''It led to a certain level of resistance from my parents, though - especially when she announced she wanted to leave school after her O-levels to pursue music and performance. I think they thought she was going to go to university and become a psychiatrist.''

John also admitted he doubted his sister's ambition to become a singer, despite her talent for songwriting.

He added to The Sunday Times magazine: ''She started writing songs at about 12 and that carried on through her teens. At first it was about imaginary friends, then imaginary lovers, all that sort of stuff. Back then, I don't think she or any of us thought she would have a career as a singer or a performer but maybe as a songwriter.''

Meanwhile, Kate, 52, recently revealed she won't be performing live again ''for a while''.

The 'Running Up that Hill' hitmaker concluded her run of 22 sold-out shows at London's Hammersmith Apollo earlier this month - her first gigs in 35 years - and told fans not to expect to see her again soon.

She told the audience: ''We're all really sad as it's the last night. I'm going to miss everyone so much.

''This is our last night... for a while anyway''.