Kate Gosselin, the reality television star who recently embarked on an unsuccessful camping trip with potential presidential candidate Sarah Palin, says she has political ambitions of her own, according to Popeater.com. Gosselin appeared on the latest episode of 'Sarah Palin's Alaska', and despite not seeing eye-to-eye with the former Governor of Alaska, the 35-year-old says she would like to run for office some-day.
Gosselin, who is the mother of eight children, refused to spend the night camping with the Palins after complaining about the cold temperature and her 'freezing toes', but an insider claims that the reality star firmly believes she could match Palin in the world of politics, saying, "After meeting and spending time with Sarah, Kate realized that if she could run for office then so could Kate. Sarah does have a little bit more experience than Kate does in office but what they have in common is huge. They are both famous reality stars that you either love or hate. They both are beautiful and have a way of getting everyone's attention".
However, another source close to Gosselin admits that her political aspirations are a product of her inflated ego, saying, "Honestly, Kate is unbelievable. Her ego is out of control at this point. Ever since Dancing With the Stars and the fact that she appeared on more consecutive covers of US Weekly than any celebrity ever, she thinks that she has what it takes to run for office".