Kate Gosselin of reality TV series Jon & Kate Plus 8 has filed a lawsuit against her ex-husband. The 38-year-old is famous for appearing on the Discovery Health reality show where she and her husband - later just Gosselin when the couple divorced- raise her sextuplets and one set of twins. Gosselin has accused her husband of wiretapping, computer hacking, identity theft and invasion of privacy, according to a report on RadarOnline

Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin at a marathon in Las Vegas, 2012.

The couple married in 1999 and after they had sextuplets in 2004 appeared together on 5 seasons of the reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8. In 2009 the couple announced they were divorcing, the announcement was made on the show. Jon Gosselin chose not to appear in the continuation of the show, Kate Plus 8, in a major capacity. Kate Plus 8's final episode aired in 2011 and the family have appeared sporadically on other reality shows. 

The suit claims "after the couple was separated, Jon illegally hacked into Kate's email account and her phone and bank accounts." It continues to allege that Jon stole a hard drive which contained a number of his ex-wife's personal details and contacts. It also appears to have contained entries from Kate's diary. These extracts, although not authenicated by Gosselin, include references to spanking the children. 

Jon Gosselin
Jon Gosselin at a party in L.A.

It seems Gosselin believes her ex-husband provided information which contributed to Robert Hoffman's book Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World. The suit states on this matter "Hoffman used the illegally acquired data to publish a defamatory book about Kate." 

The suit includes a number of allegations against Jon Gosselin such as his attempt to hide his illegal activity by claiming to have found the information whilst searching through his ex-wife's trash. As you do...

This may be confirmed by a number of text messages obtained by Radar. These text messages are, apparently, between Jon Gosselin and his girlfriend in 2009. A text dating from 14th October of the same year reads "I'll be back soon grabbing Kate's computer before she gets home. I need that hard drive." 

The lawsuit was filed in Gosselin's home state of Pennsylvania. Kate Gosselin is seeking damages and costs to cover her attorney's fees. 

Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin photgraphed in 2010.