Kate Hudson is planning to release her debut album in 2023.

The 'Almost Famous' actress has written songs since she was a teenager and has finally plucked up the courage to make an album so that she doesn't one day regret not doing it.

Appearing on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon', she spilled: “I love to sing.

“I just feel weird saying it … No, I’ve been making a record for like a year.”

She continued: “I had this thing in COVID. Every time you’re doing interviews, people are like ‘Do you have any regrets?’ I’m like ‘Oh, I’m early 40s. Not yet.’ But during COVID I was like what am I doing? I’ve been writing music since I was 19. And I’ve never shared it. I just thought that would be one of my great regrets."

Kate, 43, added: “I have no expectations. I just want to put a record out, and so I’m doing it."

In 1972, Kate's Hollywood actress mother Goldie Hawn, 77, released a country covers album called 'Goldie', featuring her covers of Dolly Parton, Bob Dylan, Bill Monroe and more.

And her father, Bill Hudson, is a singer and performed with his brothers in The Hudson Brothers.

While her family has a steeped musical background, Kate herself has sung many times, including on five episodes of 'Glee' and Sia's soundtrack for her controversial film 'Music'.

Kate - who has son Ryder, 18, with Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson, Bingham, 11, with Muse frontman Matt Bellamy and four-year-old daughter Rani with partner Danny Fujikawa - confirmed in April that she had started recording the record.

She posted on Instagram: "Finally realized it's time to say f***! it and saaaannngg!!!!! #albumincoming #myikigai."