Kate Hudson wants Jennifer Aniston to join Instagram.

The 36-year-old actress has begun work on new movie 'Mother's Day' alongside the former 'Friends' star and is having ''such fun'' with her co-star, but wishes she used social media.

Alongside a picture of herself and Jennifer, she wrote: ''Day 1: Who's that gorgeous lady peekin over my shoulder #SuchFun #GirlsAtWork #MothersDayMovie#LetsConvinceJenToGetOnInstagram (sic)''

However, it seems unlikely that Jennifer - who married partner Justin Theroux last month in a secret ceremony - will be granting Kate's pleas as she previously admitted she finds using social media ''too much pressure''.

Speaking about taking over Living Proof's account earlier this year, she said:

''I was so stressed out, sweating bullets. It was too much pressure.''

And the 46-year-old star has also insisted she doesn't want to use sites such as Instagram or Twitter to set the record straight on false stories about herself.

She has said: ''I just don't pay attention enough that I would be sitting there defending myself all the time or correcting what's not true.

''They exploit us enough in those rags that I'd rather do great work and focus on work and let that be my contribution, rather than me personally going 'hey, I just had a taco or whatever'.''