It's a happy week for Kate Mara and Jamie Bell, who are celebrating life as newlyweds following their marriage recently after just 6 months of engagement. They confirmed their happy day with a snap on social media this week and the internet couldn't be happier for them.

Kate Mara and Jamie Bell at the Met GalaKate Mara and Jamie Bell at the Met Gala

Both Kate and Jamie posted the same blurry shot of themselves kissing at their wedding reception on Instagram yesterday (July 17th 2017), with Kate captioning the shot 'nuptials' and Jamie writing 'Me and Mrs B'. Few other details have been released regarding the special day.

The pair worked together for the first time on 'Fantastic Four' in 2015 - where they played Sue Storm and Ben Grimm - but they actually met in the mid-2000s during a particularly intimate screen-test. 'We met like 10 years before', Kate said on 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen' earlier this year. 'We did a screen test together and we had to kiss and it was very - I had to kiss many guys that day for the screen test.'

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While this marks Kate's first marriage, Jamie was previously married to Evan Rachel Wood, with whom he starred in the video for Green Day's 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' in 2005. They dated for a while before splitting in 2006, and rekindled their relationship in 2011, marrying in 2012. They had a son, whose name was never revealed, in 2013 but they split the following year.

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Kate previously revealed that, unlike a lot of women, planning a wedding was never her idea of fun. 'I don't love planning', she said, according to the Daily Mail. 'I like planning in my life in general, but wedding planning, I'm just not that interested. Like, 'What kind of spoon do you want on the table?' I'm just so uninterested, but Jamie is very interested.'