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It doesnt where Kate is or what she is wearing she ALWAYS looks so so stunning,love her to bits

Posted 15 years 8 months ago by ROSSBOY

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I think Kate Moss & Pete Doherty deserve each other & may they go down in their own whirlpool of self destruction & may we all clap when they hit the bottom of their own cesspit. Can't wait!!!!

Posted 17 years 9 months ago by dotty

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I have a friend who LOVES pete doherty's music. personally, after seeing lots of pics of him and carl barat, theyre fully made for each other - no offence to kate. I think pete genuinely loves kate but the real love of his life is carl

Posted 18 years 1 month ago by emmarulz

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stop slating pete! none of you know the guy, you just know this image the press has created for him. yeh he does drugs, he messed up and needs help but lots of people in that industry do drugs and wasn't kate moss one of them? yet people aren't so quick to slate her. pete is a very talented musician and deffinatly not the first musician to take drugs. It's not as if he's promoting drugs, infact it's the comlete opposite, he warns people off them and is being made a pretty big example of, don't you think.and as for petes and kates relationship....she's 32, i think she's old enough to make her own decisions about who she wants to see.

Posted 18 years 5 months ago by lilz

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I think that anyone who says Kate would be responsible for Pete Doherty's drug addiction or any drug related overdose is an idiot. Wasn't he using drugs prior to meeting her? And come on, blaming her and calling her a murderer is so childish and immature. Is she sitting there holding him down and shoving needles in his arm or forcing cocaine up his nose? I think we should feel sorry for both of them because I see drug addiction as a disease. No one knows either of them, we haven't been in the room with them to see how Kate is supposedly ruining his life. People need to grow up. Kate is a beautiful model and he's a talented musician. Leave it at that. You should hope that they both take responsibility for their actions and seek help. Let's not forget that Kate has a three year old daughter who is innocent in all this. Show some respect for people as well as privacy and leave the gossip out of it!! I don't understand anyone wishing harm on someone they don't even know! It seems so immature and cold. They are human like us (I think people forget this when looking at celebs) and deserve respect and privacy the same as we would want.

Posted 18 years 8 months ago by Tiffany

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wel erry i dont think kate wud wna tlk 2 sum1 off da net so i dnt reli think u gt any chnc n evry1 feels sori 4 her wel huse da 1 hu gt herslf in da position in the 1st place?

Posted 18 years 9 months ago by LLG

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To me Kate Moss is a very uniquely beautiful woman and she is in a class of her own.She looks classy,adorable and thats precisely why i failed to see'why on earth for she should be hankering after that clown - what was his name really???To say that she is using him is the most ridiculous piece of gossip ever printed.Frankly,with all those looks and money - its simply the other way round and i hear she's a wonderful mom too.I sincerely pray and hope she gets thru' these bad phase in her life but minus that ugly and damaging baggage that she seems so keen on dragging along - dogerty the drag.Lastly,such a brilliant and stunning supermodel of her kind deserves so much more than the living nightmare she's so lovingly lugging around in her'waifish and slender shoulder.I love and adore her way of dressing,and she simply outshines her peers when it comes to style and class.Please Kate wake-up and open your eyes,there's so many nice and solid men around.Drop the garbages in your life.I'm praying for you.You deserve the vvveerrryyy bbbeeessstttt.

Posted 18 years 10 months ago by ramona

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i think kate moss is an amazing woman however i no wot she is going through at the moment as i am goin through the same sort of thing i would like 2 get in touch with kate and tell her that there r still people that love her 4 being a style icon and really dont care about wot she does in her own time it may not me much but as im having a hard time of things myself at the moment kate has my support 100%

Posted 18 years 10 months ago by kerry

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It's no secret that Kate Moss has always wanted to be a rock star - she did that christawful duet with Primal Scream, for a start. Now she's getting older and the model work is drying up, she's looking for a new career.She said he wanted to go out with him because he's 'really dangerous'. Does that sound like something she'd say if she wanted him to get off drugs? She's only dating him to make her look young and hip, and to start a music career. She's getting desperate, it's quite sad really.

Posted 18 years 10 months ago by kingpin

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All I have to say now is this. f**k off Kate Moss. Just leave Pete Doherty alone

Posted 18 years 11 months ago by pink-panther

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I don't think Kate Moss really loves Pete Doherty, she's just using him. Don't ask me how or why. I don't know how her twisted mind works. All I know is that she's up to no good. And I don't think it's just a coincidence that Pete Doherty has taken up self harming during their relationship. She keeps dumping him and going out with him again. One day she's going to kill jim. She'll dump him, he'll get depressed and turn to drugs. He'll take an overdose and die from it. And I for one will not overlook it as an accident. Kate Moss, if that happens at least I'll know you're the murderer

Posted 18 years 11 months ago by pink-panther

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