Kate Moss says she's as famous as ''Kerry Katona or Katie Price''.

Despite being one of the world's most in-demand and highest-paid supermodels, Kate considers herself to just be a normal British girl who has made a success of her chosen career just like reality stars Kerry and Katie.

The catwalk queen insists she's never been allowed to become arrogant because ''I'm from Croydon and if you get above your station someone will f***ing knock you down! Especially when my mum is my mum and my dad is my dad and my brother is my brother. You can't go around with airs and graces at all and I would never want to. When I see people do that I think they look like *****.''

When asked if there are many other celebrities with the same level of fame, Kate, 41, replied: ''There has been loads! Kerry Katona, Katie Price.''

In a video interview that has been released featuring her being quizzed by her photographer friend Nick Knight about being shot by Mario Sorrenti for Calvin Klein, Kate also insists she doesn't get excited to see herself on billboards on in the media because it's just part of her job.

She said: ''I don't go, 'I'm in the papers all the time,' because there are loads of people in the papers all the time. You can't go around with airs and graces at all and I would never want to.''

Revealing how she reacts to her billboard campaigns, she added: ''Sometimes I'm still like, 'Ooh look there's me!' I'm never like, 'Wow look at me on the bus.' You have to be a bit grounded about things like that.''