Kate Moss and The Kills frontman Jamie Hince are reportedly now divorced, after quietly reaching a settlement some months ago.

The couple, who were married for four years, separated last year, but didn't formally file for divorce until earlier this year.

Kate Moss and Jamie HinceKate Moss and Jamie Hince are said to be officially divorced

A source told The Mirror: “They reached an agreement some time ago, and neither of them wanted to make a spectacle of this.

“Instead, they agreed things between themselves and have quietly made the split formal without going through any sort of high profile legal battle.”

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Kate is said to have kept most of the couple’s wealth, having been considerably richer at the time of their marriage. But Jamie did get to keep some items they acquired during the union including art works.

Since the split, Kate has been reportedly dating aristocrat Count Nikolai von Bismarck, though the couple’s relationship is said to be on-and-off.

In July The Mirror reported that Nikolai gave Kate a sapphire engagement ring during a romantic dinner together while on holiday in Venice. Nikolai was reportedly seen on one knee exclaiming “I love you” in Italian.

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Restaurant owner Giovanni Fracassi told the newspaper: “He shouted out ‘ti amo’, and then went down on his knee. It was very romantic.

"He took out a ring and it was funny because he said it’s for after she is divorced. They were very much in love and she seemed so happy, I never saw her so happy before.”