Kate Moss missed out on having a house music hit to Chrissie Hynde.

The supermodel was wanted by record label Sony UK to sing vocals on 2003 track 'Straight Ahead', by German Electronica duo Tube & Berger.

The track subsequently reached number one on the US Billboard Hot Dance Airplay and 29th spot on the UK Singles Chart but had The Pretenders frontwoman Chrissie on it instead.

Speaking to Bang Showbiz at We Are FSTVL on the weekend, Arndt Rörig - one half of Tube & Berger - recalled: ''It was the first single we ever made. We were assistants in a sound studio back in the days and we came up with this demo tune and the guy said 'that's great'. But it was kind of like an underground hit in Germany. Then Sony UK picked it and said, 'But we need a top vocalist on it.' They tried to have Blondie and Kate Moss ... in the end it was Chrissie Hynde.''

Although they were a little disappointed not to get Kate on the track, they were thrilled to get to able to work with Chrissie in the studio and hear all of her rock 'n' anecdotes.

He added: ''We met Chrissie and she told us about hanging out with The Ramones, and super cool old school bands. She was really, really cool. She knows the Sex Pistols and all these British punk bands. We haven't met for ages so it would be nice to see her again and say hi.''

Tube & Berger - Arndt and Marco Vidovic - have enjoyed multiple number ones on the UK Beatport chart, including 'Lovebreak', 'Come On Now (Set It Off)' and 'Imprint of Pleasure' - with Beatport naming the latter as their 9th Top Selling Track of All Time and the 7th Top DJ Charted Track of All Time.

The pair recently headlined at Drifters Festival on Osea Island - an exclusive festival attended by the likes of Poppy Delevigne and Jamie Winstone.

Meanwhile, Arndt revealed that they often bring family along with them on tour, including Marco's 10-month-old baby.

He said: ''She was in Ibiza a few times. She went to Bali and she travels a lot for a 10 month old baby.''

Arndt added that he is impressed with the UK crowd and likes their ''funky'' dress sense.

He said: ''British fans are wild! Compared to Germany the dress is a bit more funky, people like to party hard here and that's what we love. It's funny to look at sometimes!''