Kate Moss has revealed details of her own name-brand modelling agency, which sees the 42-year-old model move from in front of the camera to behind the books. Kate left Storm Models, who discovered her at just 14, earlier this year and is now branching out on her own, with an agency that’s not just looking for “pretty people”.

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Speaking to The Business of Fashion, Kate said: “It’s a dream! It’s so weird. You know that film Gia? Faye Dunaway plays the agent. I could so do that! But I want to focus more on managing people’s careers than just [running] a modelling agency.

"I don’t really want pretty people, I want people that want to sing and dance and act — I want to create stars.” The Kate Moss Agency means that Kate herself is no longer just a model being booked for jobs, she’s now able to control her own destiny as well as the careers of others

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“I didn’t realise how much it was going to change the way I feel because it is like taking responsibility for my own business, whatever I do, instead of being the model who’s being sent on jobs to turn up and just be whatever they want you to be,” she said.

Kate said it was hard to leave her home of 27 years Storm Models, but it was something she had to do in order to fulfil her dreams. “I felt like I wanted to do things that were more than modelling. It didn’t matter how much we would try and do it together with them, I was always going to be the little Kate that they’ve known since I was 14,” Kate explained.

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“It was like leaving home. I had to leave, and they were very understanding about it. They were like, ‘Yeah you’ve got to go now, we’ve done as much as we can do.’ I wanted to spread my wings.” Kate’s new venture now means she’s finally joined Instagram, albeit as the Kate Moss Agency, rather than with a more personal account.

When asked about the new faces of modelling, girls such as Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid, who all have a strong social media presence, Kate said: “They’ve definitely got another side with it, like the Instagram side, and they know their business I think, and are really aware.”