Kate Moss wears her diamonds in the sea.

The supermodel loves her jewellery and will even go as far as having her prized possessions on when she's lounging on the beach or swimming in the sea.

She said: ''When I'm in Ibiza, I like to wear diamonds on the beach. When I go swimming in the sea, sometimes I'll just wear my emerald ring that I got from Jade Jagger, because the colours look so beautiful in the water.

''I know that sounds quite decadent, but that's why I love jewellery - it gives me pleasure, it definitely brings me joy.''

And the 46-year-old model has a number of sentimental pieces of jewellery, including a ring that she had to commemorate the birth of her daughter Lila, 17.

She added: ''I always remember this diamond Tiffany necklace I wore for my first jewellery shoot with Camilla Nickerson for American Vogue. I was like, 'Oh, my god, that's just the most dreamy thing I've ever seen,' and someone bought it for me! That was a very memorable moment.

''I also have a baby ring from when I gave birth that feels special. A lot of it is memorable from birthdays or when I've treated myself or presents from people that are sentimental. Jewellery is all about memories, really, isn't it?''

Kate is an ''impulse buyer'' when it comes to jewellery.

She told Vogue: ''I'm definitely an impulse buyer. If I love it in the moment, I have to have it. If I want to wear it right that second, I can't leave the shop without it.''