Kate Moss has reportedly shelled out thousands of pounds on an anti-heroin implant for former boyfriend Pete Doherty.

The 33-year-old split up with the singer last week after claiming he cheated on her with a South African model; bringing an apparent final end to a tumultuous two-year relationship.

In a message on the Babyshambles website singer Doherty, 28, admitted his band will be "scaling down touring because it's implant time coming up soon".

And a source told the Daily Mirror that Moss recognised that her junkie ex still needed "help and support", despite the fact she feels "terribly betrayed" by his infidelity.

"Kate is very aware that Pete still has issues with drug use and doesn't want to leave him in the lurch completely," an unnamed insider told the tabloid.

"Helping him with his medical care is one thing that Kate wants to do for him."

Doherty is said to have withdrawn into his music since Moss broke up with him and changed the locks on her north London home.

"He could have gone into meltdown following the split but he is managing to hold it together," a source told the Mirror.

16/07/2007 16:51:52