Kate Moss is more rock 'n' roll than other supermodels, according to gallery owner Gabrielle du Plooy.

The Zebra One Gallery owner is behind a new exhibition of classic pictures of Kate - in commemoration of her 40th birthday last month - at her north London gallery, which is mostly known for its rock music exhibitions, but Gabrielle has made a special exception for the fashion icon.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I'm not about putting things on for models. I'm a gallery, I really love my photography ... I know what works and I know what people like. I do rock 'n' roll photography, so there's no other model like Kate.

''She's a classic. She helps me sell my photography ... actually, I don't even need to sell my photography - she's timeless, she's a wonderful muse. She will go on to be a muse like Marilyn Monroe.''

Gabrielle has curated some of the most iconic and daring photographs of Kate, shot by renowned photographers like Mario Testino and Mick Rock.

The gallery owner insists Kate wouldn't have an issue with the rock 'n' roll take on her modelling history.

She added: ''She'd love the photographs we do, because, with [rock 'n' roll photographer] Mick Rock, she's doing a personal shoot for him soon. She loves the imagery and all of that. I'm sure she'd have no problem with it.''

Among Gabrielle's prized pictures in the collection - which were shown in a one night exhibition at London's The Savoy hotel last week - is Kate's very own portfolio from when she was a teenager.

The art dealer said: ''There's a portfolio of Kate Moss when she was 14 and it's never, ever been seen before, and it's her portfolio that she brought to school! And I have the rights to that.''