Kate Upton has ''insecurities'' about her body.

The Sports Illustrated model is considered to be one of the world's most beautiful women but she insists she suffers from a lack of confidence about her curvaceous figure and has the same hang ups as every other woman.

In an interview with ES Magazine, she said: ''Every person has insecurities. But this is the body I was given, I appreciate it and I try to take care of it every day as best I can, but I always enjoy my life. So I'm not going to let my insecurities stop me from enjoying life.''

When asked whether she has ever been body-shy, she said: ''I always am.''

Kate - whose vital statistics are 36-25-34 - does follow a healthy eating and rigorous fitness regime to stay in shape.

Her menu consists of low fat foods like grilled chicken, salmon, quinoa, scrambled eggs, nuts and fruit and vegetable juices.

However, Kate has confessed she does on occasions satisfy her appetite with ''fried salty food'' and insists her ultimate goal is not to be thin but to be fit.

The 22-year-old blonde beauty said: ''For me it's about being strong, having the strength to work 10-hour days, and eating healthily.''