Kate Upton thinks she needs to up her fashion game for the paparazzi.

The 22-year-old model says she doesn't make enough effort when she's travelling and has vowed to stop wearing her pyjamas in public.

Asked if she had any fashion regrets, she said: ''Sure, I do. I think it's usually when I'm coming off of a plane. That's where all the paparazzi are and I'll be strolling out in my PJs. I have to pick that game up.''

Kate, who stars in the new Express fall 2014 denim campaign, revealed that her summer style must-have is white denim, despite her accident-prone nature.

She disclosed to Glamour.com: ''I love white denim. I'm obsessed with it. I don't know, I spill all the time, I probably shouldn't be. I wear all-white a lot.

''I like white and blue too. It's so summery and so fun, and living in New York I have the tendency to wear all-black, so wearing all-white is a great change-up.''

The Sports Illustrated favourite will also be living in casual button-down shirts this season and shared her top tip for finding the right fit, which comes courtesy of none other than cosmetics maven Bobbi Brown.

She said: ''You know, something that Bobbi Brown told me on a shoot is that she always gets a bigger size and then hems it. I haven't used that trick yet, but maybe I will. I think it's important to find the right bra too.''