As soon as there was the slightest chance that Kate Upton was dating Maksim Chmerkovskiy, the rumors started blazing. Good news for the thousands of fans crushing on the 20-year-old model though – those rumors were not true. According to E! News, a source close to both celebrities explained that the two "are just good friends," while a second source (who is close with Chmerkovskiy) revealed that they've "heard nothing about them dating."

Barring the possibility that the Upton and Chmerkovskiy don’t immediately share each new private detail of their lives with friends, this would mean that the two are most definitely not together. Note that the entire supposed romance began, unfolded and subsequently died without a single word from either Kate or Maksim on the matter. It began with a report coming in that the pair were spotted wining and dining together at Scalinatella in New York.

Apparently that really is all it takes for the headlines to start rolling. However, management at the Upper East Side joint subsequently denied the claims and explained that the dinner between Upton and Chmerkovskiy “did not look intimate at all.” In fact, they could not confirm that it was the high profile pair at all, but whoever it was, they appeared to be “just friends.” If this is a repeat of the Justin Verlander affair though, the rumors aren’t likely to stop until Upton herself explicitly denies any connection.

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Simmer down, they aren't dating.