Believe it or not, but Kate Upton look really good in spandex pants. Hard to believe right? Personal trainer to the stars, David Kirsch uploaded a few snaps of the blonde bombshell on to his Twitter page, which featured the model rocking Heidi Klum's range for New Balance.

Kate Upton
Kate is currently 'Model of the Year' - for obvious reasons

Heidi Klum's latest collection for New Balance, or HKNB as it is otherwise known, was launched by the sports company this year to bring a fashionista's touch to the world of working out. The product line has already proved to be a hit with shoppers, and Klum has even contributed some of her favourite workouts to the NB website.

Kate was doing something whole lot more unhealthy as well this week, when she starred alongside Snoop Lion (née Doggy Dogg) in a commercial for Hot Pockets. Her munching on the microwavable snack probably didn't win her any brownie points from Kirsch, but we bet that they were all she had on her mind after hanging out with Snoop for the afternoon.

"With Super hot @KateUpton killing it in @heidiklum @newbalance #HKNB. Looking so beautiful while #gettingkirsched," Kirsch captioned the picture. We'll have to agree with him there; Upton looked amazing as usual, rocking the skin-tight work-out ensemble. There may not have been any traces of sweat to be seen (or any make-up for that matter) but that didn't matter as Kate did what she does best for the snap; look good for the camera.