P Diddy and Kate Upton both seem to have gotten over their most recent relationships and appear to have hooked up together. The pair were reportedly making no secret of their new liaison at club LIV in Miami Beach late last month (March 2013). An eyewitness told New York Daily News “they were kissing, they weren’t hiding it.” This is pretty fast work from Mr Sean Combs and from Kate, both of whom were dating other people until not so long ago.

20-year-old Kate was dating the Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, though she was definitely single by Valentines Day, when she stated that she was no longer dating Justin. P Diddy’s recently split from singer Cassie, too, despite having recently been seen house hunting with her. They were reportedly searching for a pad in Beverly Hills back in January so something must have gone wrong since then. Last September, he tweeted a picture of her, with the message “I’m a very lucky man #knowthat.”

After their meeting in Miami Beach, Upton reportedly met up for dinner with Diddy in New York. The pair apparently dined at Gemma, at the Bowery Hotel. A source told the Daily News “they were having dinner together,” which is what people generally do in restaurants, but you now, the whole kissing in a club thing is certainly something to get excited about, if you’re a fan of celebrity gossip. 

Kate Upton
Kate Upton: dating P Diddy?