Kate Upton was ''a tanorexic'' when she was younger.

The 23-year-old model-and-actress used to spend hours trying to get a bronzed glow from the sun, but is now aware of the damage that can cause and takes much better care of her skin.

She said: ''I was a little tanorexic growing up in Florida, but I'm a lot smarter now.

''And, oh my god, I love my dermatologist, Marjan Hafizi, who's based in Beverly Hills. I'm obsessed.

''I also see a facialist at Advanced Skin Care Spa in New York City called Anna Antal. She introduced me to a skincare brand called Osmosis, which is amazing.''

Though Kate first became famous as a model, she has ventured into acting and can see herself sticking with both professions for a long time to come.

The 'Other Woman' star told the new issue of HELLO! Fashion Monthly magazine: ''I feel like I've done a lot in modelling, and there are other little adventures outside fashion.

''But I think both will be very much part of my career.

''I'm definitely that person who has tunnel vision, so with acting I'm focused on learning a new craft and building from the bottom.''

The full interview with Kate appears in the August issue of HELLO! Fashion Monthly, which is on sale now.