Kate Upton doesn't like drunk guys.

The 22-year-old beauty - who is dating baseball star Justin Verlander - dislikes the ''cocky and rude'' attitude men sometimes have after consuming alcohol so always tries to remove herself from uncomfortable situations.

She said: ''Every time I find something really gross I just remove myself from the situation, but anything said after alcohol probably shouldn't be said.

''Everyone gets a false sense of self and you just come across as cocky and rude. I'm not attracted to that.''

When her relationships have ended in the past, the 'Other Woman' star believes nothing can help more than a good night out with friends, and she would never date a guy when on the rebound.

She said: ''The best way to get over a guy is a good night out with girlfriends. A lot of girls do the rebound thing and jump straight into another relationship, but that's a bad idea as you have two heartbreaks to get over.

''I give myself time to get back to me and to get re-inspired by something in my life.''