Men of the world rejoice because it's finally happened; Kate Upton has gone topless! During a recent photoshoot the model was taking some tantalising shots whilst riding a horse, but a pre-shoot de-robing led to her sweater puppies being unveiled and all was caught on glorious video by a cameraman who happened to be filming the photoshoot.

As we've learnt so far, Kate isn't the kind of girl who would usually go topless for a photo-shoot and this particular shoot she was wasn't meant to show off all her skin, but luckily that's exactly what happened. So here's what happened; Kate was on top of a horse wearing a plain jacket before the shoot took place, and then proceeded to take that off, then her bottom half off and then her bra too. She did try concealing herself with her arm when she took the final layer, but obviously that was never going to work.

The story was broken by TMZ earlier today (June 20), who also included a censored (sorry guys) video on their website. Unfortunately, the site (and ours) aren't able to publish the full, uncensored version, but it you look hard enough on the internet you'll probably come up trumps at some point. You know, for research...

Kate recently celebrated her 21st birthday, spending the momentous occasion in the rather unexpected company of her uncle, Republican Congressman Fred Upton of Michigan, and his friend Kevin McCarthy, the GOP Whip. She has also been filming scenes for the movie The Other Woman, in which she will make her first real transition into acting when she stars alongside Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. The film comes out in April 2014.

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Good luck finding the uncensored version