Kate Upton, fresh from fulfilling most men's dreams when she was filmed whilst topless on a horse, may be getting close to baseball player Frank Viola III, with rumours beginning to circulate that the two might be in the beginning stages of a steady relationship. Either that or Upton really wants to punish her ex, Justin Verlander, by flirting with his best friend over Twitter.

The rumours emerged from an e-birthday card sent by Upton to Viola, in which she wrote; “Happy Birthday to a friend of a friend who I like more than the original friend.”

Now this may not seem like much to the untrained eye, but on closer inspection you can start to connect the pieces. Viola and Verlander are best friend and after Upton and the Detroit Tigers pitcher ended things she and Viola apparently stayed in touch, which is pretty awkward, but a whole lot more awkward now. Clearly Upton thought it was awkward because, as The Daily Stew points out, less than an hour later she took down the Tweet and sent an insult-free birthday message to Viola instead. The whole thing has left us scratching our collective heads; is Upton indicating that she and Frank are getting serious, or is she just still hung-up about Verlander?

Anyway isn't she supposed to be dating Dancing With The Stars pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy?

Whatever happens, what we all really want to know is when the hell is the uncensored version of the horse-riding video going online (for research)? If someone paid a million for Farrah Abraham's sex tape then surely someone is willing to pay for a topless Kate Upton?

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Kate's cryptic Tweet was deleted less than an hour after it went up

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So who is Kate dating? Anyone or No-one?