Kate Winslet found shooting the 'Steve Jobs' biopic ''pretty gross'' because the filming days were so long.

The 39-year-old actress admitted she moaned to one of the crew members on set because of the ''ridiculous'' 12-hour shifts she and her co-star Michael Fassbender had to put in, and the props woman told her to ''shut the f**k up'', as they had to stay on even longer.

She explained: ''We worked some ridiculous hours. We filmed in the opera house in the centre of San Francisco, which is a functioning opera house, so we'd start at midnight and film until midday. That's pretty gross.''

And recalling complaining to the filming hand, she said: ''I remember saying out loud, 'God, I'm so knackered.' And the props woman, who I knew from a couple of other jobs, said, 'Honey, we're here for a lot longer than you are. Shut the f**k up.' And I went, 'Oh my God, you're so right.' ''

Meanwhile, the British star has weighed in on the issue of gender equality in the movie industry, but she felt she couldn't say much because she's been so ''lucky'' with the roles she's had and even as she approaches 40, she is still offered great parts although they are ''markedly different''.

She told the new UK issue of Esquire magazine: ''I've noticed the roles that are coming my way are markedly different to the roles that were coming my way 20 years ago, but that's only because I'm older.

''When I'm asked about the shortage of roles for women, I almost can't bring myself to answer it because I'm so flipping lucky. The truth is, things are still coming my way.''