Kate Winslet tied the knot with her ridiculously named other-half Ned RocknRoll in a very private ceremony earlier this week, and it turns out she got one heck of a present from one of her new in-laws, Richard Branson, in the shape of a trip into space.

Today (Dec 30), The Sun reported that the newly-married couple were given two tickets for the planned Virgin Galactic space trips set to take flight in 2014 from the groom's uncle, the billionaire Virgin mogul Sir Richard Branson. Apparently, the gift is also a token of appreciation, as well as a wedding gift, to Winslet for her help last year when a fire broke out in his luxurious Necker Island retreat, threatening his family on the island and forcing Winslet to brave the flames and save Branson's grandmother.

Being a billionaire probably helps when it comes to giving out expensive gifts, but with single seat tickets for the scheduled journeys into space selling for around $200,000, this doesn't make the gift any less generous. As it stands, the still-under-construction intergalactic retreat has sold over 500 tickets so far, with Russell Brand and Ashton Kutcher among the first ticket buyers. Still, is anyone else thinking of inviting Branson to their wedding?