Kate Winslet “nearly did a poo” while on stage.

The ‘Avatar: Way of the Water’ star almost soiled herself while performing in the nude at the Manchester theatre The Royal Exchange as an up-and-coming actress.

She revealed: "I nearly did a poo on stage once...

"I'm just sitting here realising that you're now gonna make me tell that story."

She continued: “When I was 18 years old, I was in a production of 'What The Butler Saw' in Manchester. I played a character called Geraldine, who is applying for the job of the doctor's secretary. And he [the doctor] says ‘well let me see, I need to give you a full body examination please strip.’”

Kate detailed that due to the round stage - where patrons sat around - at the iconic venue she could not got to the rear of the stage to derobe.

She said: “So, I go behind the curtain and I do what I've done for nights on end. I have to then lie on this bed and I lie there really awkwardly and uncomfortably and suddenly.... it's happening, it's happening, i'm gonna s*** myself and i'm lying on a white sheet, naked on a stage.

“So I'm like oh my god it's happening now, it's happened. I'm convinced i've totally s*** myself. So i'm like "what am I gonna do?" Because now I need to get up from behind the curtain and look for all my clothes and I'm like ‘I've done a f****** poo.’”

The Academy Award winner stood up as she gave a dramatic rendition of being “absolutely convinced” she had an accident.

Kate said on 'The Graham Norton Show': “And I'm still thinking, 'Happening, happening' while standing in front of an audience who can see my from every f****** angle. I'm absolutely just convinced that if I move my body, there's gonna be poo on the floor. Honestly, I practically shiver off the stage and I hide in a corner and then I thought ‘I've gotta check the sheet’.”

Curious fellow guest Nadiya Hussein then asked: “Did you s*** yourself or not?”

Kate revealed she had not indeed had an accident but compared what happened when she reached the facilities as “like gunfire”.

She said: “Ladies and gentleman, I had not actually done a poo but the second I got into my dressing room and ran to that bathroom, it was like gunfire.”