Rather than do things the old fashioned way, Kate Winslet has decided that she will keep hold of her last name rather than go by her husband's surname from here on in. Probably a wise move, because not only is Winslet one of the most instantly recognisable names around Hollywood today, but changing her name to Kate Rocknroll? That might be cause enough to get her barred from winning another Oscar nomination.

Kate Winslet TIFF
Kate at the Toronto Film Festival screening of her new film, Labor Day

The Academy Award-winning actress was speaking with British newspaper The Telegraph recently, when she stated that she may be in love with her husband, Ned Rocknroll, and may be bearing their first child together at the moment, but that doesn't mean she feels any pressure to take his surname. The 37-year-old acting star has been married before, to people with normal last names too, so maybe her decision to keep hold of her maiden name isn't based on the fact that her husband has a silly last name. Well, it might have something to do with it still.

"I was never going to change my name to Rocknroll," Winslet told the paper. "I've never changed my name to anything so I didn’t see a reason to start now."

Kate and Ned Rocknroll
Kate wedded Ned in a secret ceremony in December last year

34-year-old Ned, Sir Richard Branson's nephew, was born Ned Abel Smith, but he changed his name legally a number of years ago. Kate on the other hand has alway kept hold of her last name, even during her marriages to British directors Jim Threapleton and Sam Mendes, with whom she has a child each; Mia, 12, and Joe, 9. Winslet went on to say that she runs the risk of losing the 'Winslet' name from her family for good, another factor as to why she wouldn't be Kate Rocknroll.

"I quite like Kate Winslet; in fact I think it's very flashy," she continued. "I'm proud of my name because I'm one of three girls and we have one boy in our family so essentially the only person who is going to carry the name along is my brother and he doesn't have any children at the moment."

Kate is worrying about any potential name changed now though. Right now, she's feeling "really happy... things are wonderful."

Kate Ned
Would you want to give up your surname for a novelty one?