Kate Winslet always panics after she gets offered a movie role.

Although the British actress lobbied hard to get a part in the new Steve Jobs biopic, she admitted that after getting the role of Joanna Hoffman, confidante and marketing chief of Jobs, she was nervous.

Kate revealed: ''The first thing I do is panic.''

And Aaron Sorkin, who wrote the screenplay, admitted he initially thought Kate was joking when she said she wanted the role because it is a supporting part.

He explained to the Wall Street Journal: ''When she said she wanted to play Hoffman, my first thought was, 'Why is Kate Winslet playing a really mean joke on me?'''

However, the writer admitted she is perfect for the role because Joanna is a strong character who frequently stood up to Steve Jobs (played by Michael Fassbender).

He said: ''It was crucial that this character be able to stand toe-to-toe with Jobs, that she not be pushed off the screen. And since you couldn't push Kate Winslet off the screen with a bulldozer, it was a real sight to see.''