Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll got married in a very secret ceremony earlier in December, it was reported yesterday. While they may have worried that such secrecy would mean their gift pile would be short a few presents, Richard Branson - Ned's uncle - has given them a flight into space, worth £124,000, reports the Telegraph. 

Rocknroll works for Branson's Virgan Galactic branch of his Virgin empire- that's the part that deals with space travel and developing the ships to enter space. They're hoping to begin commercial flights next year, which will see travellers shoot 60 miles above the Earth's surface, experience weightlessness as well as being able to see the Earth's curve and all in a journey of just 2 hours. Sounds pretty amazing, but it does come at a price- £124,000. Plenty of celebs have already got their tickets, and Stephen Hawking was given a ticket for free.

Space travel tickets are probably the best wedding gift we've ever heard of, but there have been some very strange ones between celebrities. According to the DotComGiftShop Julia Roberts has offered free babysitting services for whenever Brad Pitt and Angelina get married, PETA gave Katy Perry and Russell Brand a bull, while Alex Reid gave his bride (and now ex wife) Katie Price a teacup pig.